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Scholarship for Healthcare Students

The Dr. Robert Stravinsky Scholarship for Healthcare Students was formed with the purpose of awarding scholarship funding to those who are currently in school planning to study healthcare. Dr. Stravinsky is aware that on the challenging road that healthcare students have ahead of them, academics are not the only cause for stress. Students must balance their studies and their finances, and because of this Robert is determined to give back however possible to the next generation of healthcare providers.

Who is it for?

Any students who are attending a university located in the United States and who have the passionate desire to attend school and go on to become healthcare providers are encouraged to apply to The Dr. Robert Stravinsky Scholarship for Healthcare Students. This scholarship is also open to any high school student planning on attending a university with the intent of studying healthcare. Dr. Stravinsky sees the mental burden laid upon students who are well aware of how many years of schooling they must complete on their journey to becoming a healthcare provider, and due to this he wants to reward a hardworking student with $1,000 toward their tuition.

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Robert Stravinsky

robert stravinsky

Waltham, Massachusetts Physical Therapist

Dr. Robert Stravinsky is a licensed doctor of physical therapy, based in Waltham, Massachusetts. In 2019, he graduated from Boston University, earning his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in outpatient orthopedics. While living in the greater Boston area, Dr. Stravinsky finished a year-long fellowship at the Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy.

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Dr. Stravinsky knows from his own experience that the highly challenging road awaiting many healthcare students seems fearsome. His desire is to give back to our future generation of healthcare providers after achieving his own successful career by creating this scholarship fund. We are encouraging all students who qualify to take full advantage of this opportunity to receive scholarship funding. To get the process started, just check out our application page below and there you can see all the details concerning how to apply and enter the scholarship’s essay contest, from which we choose the winner.

Earn Money For Your Education

Dr. Robert Stravinsky knows that rising education costs, especially for healthcare school, are placing an continually  increasing pressure on students who are studying in pursuit of becoming healthcare providers. Because of this, Dr. Stravinsky is looking to grant a funding opportunity to a star student through his $1,000 scholarship award. Through this scholarship fund, Robert is aiming to garner more awareness for the financial stresses that healthcare students struggle with in addition to completing the long years of healthcare schooling and along the track to a healthcare career. In doing this, he also desires to help one of our future healthcare leaders of America to reach those goals.

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Learn More About the Robert Stravinsky Scholarship

If you need any more information about our scholarship or if you have any questions to ask, please get in touch through the form over on the contact page. Someone will respond back to you as soon as possible. We also welcome any universities or organizations wanting to get involved to get in touch with us through the contact form as well to discuss how you can help. To all of our applicants we wish good luck with the contest and with your journey to becoming part of our next generation of healthcare providers!


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